Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Man's Guide to a Great Marriage / Sunday 05-13-12

Watch A Man's Guide to a Great Marriage, by Greg Sidders / Sunday 05-13-12

It was in the receiving line following my friends' wedding that a middle-aged man cracked a joke. As he and his wife congratulated the newlyweds, he said, "I hope you will be as happy as we thought we'd be."
Marriage is a double-edged sword. No other relationship has greater potential to enrich us, nor more power to deplete us. But what does it take to make your marriage a blessing rather than a curse? That's what we are going to find out during the next six weeks, as we explore what the Bible teaches about how to achieve The Marriage You've Always Wanted. And we're going to start with an appropriate topic for Mother's Day: God's job description for husbands. (Don't worry guys, we'll turn the tables on Father's Day!)
If you're not married, I hope you won't assume that this series is not for you. The principles we learn can make your most important relationships better, too. As all of us listen without defensiveness and obey without excuses, God will transform our relationships into compelling advertisements for the mountain-moving power of Jesus.