Monday, November 18, 2013

The American Dream: Revelation 6

Watch, "The American Dream: Revelation 6" by Greg Sidders

Most of us, despite the trials we have endured, would say that we are living the American dream. We live in nice homes in safe neighborhoods in the most prosperous county of a beautiful state.
That's why reading Revelation 6 is like watching a horror flick. It's so frighteningly worse than real life that your only relief is to remember it's fiction. 
But in this case, it's not.  It's a vision of what really will happen in our world between now and The End. And watching the footage, as surreal and scary as it is, will help you to live happily ever after.

God's Loving Wrath: Revelation 8-9

"God's Loving Wrath: Revelation 8-9" by Greg Sidders

You've been praying for them for years, maybe decades, but they seem further away from God than ever before. And you know, because the Book of Revelation says it clearly and repeatedly, that time is running out.
What if God's wrath comes before they turn to Christ? Will they still have hope? Or will the deadline have passed? Exactly when will God's patience give way to punishment?
It's a critical question. In this message we'll get a clear answer.