Monday, June 23, 2014

Missions Sunday, 06-22-14

Watch, "Missions Sunday", White Pine Community Church, 06-22-14
God is writing a love story, and you are in it.
In fact, He had you in mind before the story began, and you will be part of the last chapter. But what about this chapter--the one you are living in right now? The one with a lot of details that don't seem to fit into some larger narrative--what is the significance of it? What role does He have for you to play?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Surthrive: Parenting

Watch, "Surthrive: Parenting, by Greg Sidders, Sunday, 06-08-14

I was an expert on parenting until I had kids.

Now I am part of a loosely organized support group comprised of almost every parent I know. Every child is unique, but we parents share the common experience of being in way over our heads and wondering if our heart will survive the extremes of emotion that are involved in the holy, messy, never-ending privilege of parenthood.

Whether you are a parent or you have parents, I hope you will join me as we wrap up this series. I really do think the encouragement and instruction we receive from the Scriptures will help us surthrive.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Surthrive: For Better

When you vowed to love your husband/wife for better or worse, did you expect your life to get better or worse?

We all enter marriage idealistically, but it doesn't take long to learn that two less than perfect people don't make for a perfect marriage. Even the happiest couples I know would admit that there's room for improvement.

In this message Greg shares with you a few biblical principles that will make your marriage better, not worse. I hope you'll listen with your spouse and with an eagerness to apply God's truth to your relationship.