Monday, June 18, 2012

How to Be Your Husband's Best Friend

Watch, "How to Be Your Husband's Best Friend" by Greg Sidders / White Pine Community Church / Father's Day 06-17-12

You may remember that, as a gift to women on Mother's Day, we studied every New Testament command given to husbands.

So guess what we're going to do in this Father's Day message?

Right, in this message we're going to conclude our marriage series with a message about what God calls wives to do for their husbands

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch, "How to Have a Good Fight" / Sunday 06-10-12

I'm not going to ask you whether you and your spouse ever argue. I already know the answer to that. My question is: Do you argue well?
Conflict in a close relationship is inevitable--in fact, it's purposeful--but there is a healthy way and an unhealthy way to work through disagreements. In this message, we're going to discover what the Bible teaches about how to have a good fight ... the kind that strengthens a marriage rather than fracturing it. Come and learn how to fight for the marriage you've always wanted.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Affair - Proof Your Marriage

Watch, "Affair Proof Your Marriage" from Sunday 06-03-12 / By Greg Sidders / White Pine Community Church

We live in a culture that treats marital infidelity as a trivial thrill--an "affair"--but if you have ever pulled the pin of that grenade or been wounded by its shrapnel, you know what a devastating sin it really is. You also know that the severity of the consequences does not lessen the strength of the temptation.Marriage
How can you escape the lure--and the hook--of infidelity? What steps can you take to affair-proof your marriage? I'll show you some very practical advice from the Bible this Sunday in Part 4 of The Marriage You've Always Wanted.

Busily Every After

Watch Greg Sidders Message, "Busily Every After" / Sunday 05-27-12

Pursuing unhurried and undistracted intimacy in a 21st century marriage is like being a contestant on Wipeout. Between you and your goal are a lot of obstacles orchestrated to beat you up and wear you down until you're too exhausted to relish victory.

But when you're proactive rather than reactive, you can anticipate and dodge that which levels the ill-prepared. So this Sunday at White Pine, you're going to be equipped to overcome two of the biggest obstacles to the marriage you've always wanted.

Why Marriage?

"Why Marriage" by Greg Sidders / White Pine Community Church / 05-20-12

Men and women say "I do" for all kinds of reasons, but do you do when your marriage doesn't live up to your expectations?

 Here's an idea: Ask the inventor of the institution, "What were you thinking?"

God had His reasons for creating marriage, and He didn't keep them a secret. This Sunday at White Pine we are going to discover what God had in mind so that we can find the good in marriage that eludes those who are ignorant of His purposes.